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Professional Products


Active Broadcast delivers innovation across the imaging workflow, from leading 4K, 4K3D and 3D technologies - to the very latest in IP conversion to create smart digital operating rooms. We offer a wide range of medical devices to capture and view medical images, from cameras to 4K surgical monitors. For documentation, we provide recorders, printers and print media. This equipment is intended for use by qualified medical professionals only. Registration status as a medical device may vary, depending on country.

Imaging Cameras

  • Capture high-quality images during microscopy procedures
  • Integration with modern imaging modalities
  • A range of camera accessories are available


  • 4K, HD, and 3D displays for surgical and general clinical applications
  • Simple, intuitive operation
  • Wide range of picture formats and interfaces

Recorders and Storage

  • Medical grade video recorders
  • Record video and still images from medical cameras in 4K and HD, 2D and 3D
  • High image quality, storage capacity and reliability

Video Over IP

  • Transmit up to 4K resolution video over standard hospital networks
  • Share video and still images from the OR for consultation and teaching
  • IP converters and system manager software

Printers and Print Media

  • Dedicated medical printers
  • Compact, fast and reliable