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Professional Products

Cine equpiments

Engage your audience with versatile, energy-efficient service by Active Broadcast for all cine equpiments. 100% service garuntee for your equpiments.

Education Projectors

  • Projectors for schools, colleges and universities
  • Portable, installation and Ultra Short Throw models
  • Low running costs plus smart interactivity for connected classrooms

Business Projectors

  • For boardrooms, meeting areas and larger venues
  • Short throw, desktop and installation models
  • Lamp or laser for crisp, bright images with easy operation and low running costs

4K Cinema Projectors

  • Range of projectors for any size of cinema screen
  • Projectors for lamp or long-lasting laser light sources
  • Industry-leading high-contrast ratio performance

Simulation Projectors

  • Create immersive presentations and visual simulations
  • Up to 4K resolution and high brightness
  • Flexible installation with choice of lenses to suit any space

Large Venue Projectors

  • High brightness, high contrast projectors for large rooms and venues
  • Lamp or long-lasting laser light source
  • Flexible integration and generous connectivity options